Last Summer Canberra Wedding for the Year?

1 Mar

When Canberra puts on the sun, she really puts it on! The weather was glorious and the setting was to die for. What beautiful people — and Anna and Steven were so adoring, making this photo session a sweet pleasure!

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A Country Wedding in Canberra

27 Jan

As you may have gathered, I love photographing in the vintage theme. My favourite Weddings are those that involve quaint locations, handmade decorations and the feeling of times gone by. This was one of those Weddings I was lucky enough to capture. Kristy and Paul planned the details and what a glorious day it turned out to be. Their love was obvious, reflected in their intimate vows, and the stories told. What a beautiful way to celebrate the joining of their lives.

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A New Year, A New Wedding!

25 Jan

Summer is finally here and this day lived up to the memory of summers past. Beautiful and warm, a wonderous day for a Canberra wedding. Surrounded by gorgeous gardens, a happy Groom and a glowing Bride. Taking photos is such a privilege on a day such as this. Thank you Kara and Michael for inviting me to take part in such a happy memory.

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Stephanie and Nathan’s Wedding at Grazing

3 Oct

Beautiful and natural. This wedding was just so earthy and inspiring. It was bitterly cold but the bridal party braved the wind and weather for some awe inspiring imagery

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Deidre and Dave’s Canberra Wedding

26 Sep

A last minute change of venue did not even phase this couple! I loved the laid back nature of this beautiful wedding. All the planning had been done and the day was just about enjoying the moments. The vows were beautiful and moved me to tears even! Such a beautiful day. Thanks Guys for allowing me to capture it for you. Enjoy the photos.

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This Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot tells a story…

27 Aug

What a gorgeous venue it was for the last pre wedding photo shoot! Deidre and Dave were fantastic and we had a blast! A little story was unfolding before my eyes, of flirting, and dancing, and falling in love. It was a gorgeous way to remember how they met… ❤

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Engagement Photo Session In Canberra on a very, very cold day

24 Aug Amanda Brierley Photography Vintage wedding photography canberra

Even the weather did not put a dampener on the day. This was a special shoot where you could really feel the love. Thanks Kara and Michael for bringing your wonderful personalities to the fore for your shoot. Enjoy!

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Engagement Shoot

5 Jul

We snuck in this photo shoot just before the Canberra winter weather hit hard. There were still a few leaves on the trees and the wind was not yet like ice. Nina and Howe married in Singapore and they used these photos to show at their reception. We had a fun session, I love chatting and learning about the people I shoot—it makes the photos connect with what I find out! This couple have a beautiful and gentle spirit. I loved sharing the day with them both!

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My friends beautiful vintage styled wedding

30 Jun

Occasionally I have the pleasure of photographing my friends, usually a family photo shoot, or a new baby or for an anniversary. This was one of those special photo shoots where I was asked to photograph my friends wedding. There were so many thoughtful details throughout the day; from the lovingly made bouquets to the ‘thank you’ gifts that awaited us at the reception. This was one of those weddings that you ended up sore from smiling! Congratulations Amanda and Luke, I hope you enjoy your photos!

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Couples photo shoot in Canberra on a warm Autumn day

22 May

I’m so privileged to have so many people willing to let me in to their lives to photograph special moments. Alice and Sam shared with me their story and wanted to capture the essence of their relationship on camera. I was only too happy to be involved. The photo shoot had an Audrey Hepburn undertone and was just very natural. Love photographing love ❤

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