Wedding Photography ‘Glamour’ Shoot or ‘Trash the Dress’ Shoot

14 Jun

I’ve been asked if I do Wedding Photography Glamour Shoots. Yes.

If you feel there was either not enough time on your wedding day to do the arty shots you had envisioned, we can certainly do some shots at different locations after your wedding. Lets take you and your gown out to the bush, or coast and let loose with some arty faux-model glamorous shots! Maybe you would like to do a ‘trash-your-dress’ shot – diving into the sea, a fountain or lake, or glam it up with gothic makeup in a grungy graffiti street scene? How about some dramatic black and white shots with the perfect pout? Or some night time shots to create drama. We can come up with some ideas to reenact and give you a different angle! Check out the wedding photography introductory service I am offering for 2010!

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