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This Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot tells a story…

27 Aug

What a gorgeous venue it was for the last pre wedding photo shoot! Deidre and Dave were fantastic and we had a blast! A little story was unfolding before my eyes, of flirting, and dancing, and falling in love. It was a gorgeous way to remember how they met… ❤

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Vintage Wedding for Anna and Gavin

29 Apr

What a heartfelt Wedding. The afternoon was filled with warmth and lovely people. Was such a beautiful wedding, and I was privileged enough to capture the moments on camera. Thanks guys for a beautiful, beautiful day.

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I love kids at Weddings

16 Feb

I just love photographing kids at Weddings. All exciting and new, but just so hard to be still! I adore their cheeky glances and innocent eyes.

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Formal Photos

11 Dec Amanda Brierley Photography Canberra

Formals are such fun. I just took some shots on an atypically wet Canberra day. Was an inside shoot and very hurried, but the results were still gorgeous. Always helps when your subjects are young and beautiful.

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First Glance at Sunday’s Wedding

11 Oct Amanda Brierley Wedding Photographer Canberra

What a day. Hauntingly beautiful.
I love witnessing weddings, such joyous occasions, full of hope and love.

A small sample of the wedding I attended the past weekend. Will post more soon.

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Spring pre-wedding photo shoot in canberra

15 Sep amanda brierley pre wedding photography session canberra

What a gorgeous time of year to be taking photos! The last pre-wedding shoot was taken around the lake, and the blossoms have started to come out making for some great intimate photography. Thanks to Jess and Alex for their patience and time last week!

These pre-wedding sessions (or engagement photo sessions) are a great opportunity to help couple feel what it is going to be like on the wedding day. By the end of the shoot we have a great rapport and I understand better how to get the best photos of you both on the actual wedding day. Some couples like to use these photos for their wedding invitations, or to use as a slide show for their engagement party. As I give you all the high resolution photos on disk, you can decide how you would like to use them without restriction. — it’s all included!

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What’s an ‘edited’ photo?

10 Aug

Here is a little sample of edited photos from  pre-wedding photo shoots. When you hire me, edited photos are part of the package. Email me for more details.

amanda brierley wedding photographer edited wedding photo canberra

I dream of you in colours that don't exist... (with text overlay)

Canberra wedding photographer amanda brierley edited photo

Whimsical image editing by Amanda Brierley

Canberra Pre Wedding Photography Session

11 Jul

A glorious day for Canberra photography! The latest pre-wedding photo shoot venue was a cold one! The effort was well worth it however and we gained some beautiful shots on account of the overcast day. Thanks guys for your courageous effort when it was so cold, it’s a hard ask being in front of the lens on a warm day let alone a windy wintery one!

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Wedding Photography ‘Glamour’ Shoot or ‘Trash the Dress’ Shoot

14 Jun

I’ve been asked if I do Wedding Photography Glamour Shoots. Yes.

If you feel there was either not enough time on your wedding day to do the arty shots you had envisioned, we can certainly do some shots at different locations after your wedding. Lets take you and your gown out to the bush, or coast and let loose with some arty faux-model glamorous shots! Maybe you would like to do a ‘trash-your-dress’ shot – diving into the sea, a fountain or lake, or glam it up with gothic makeup in a grungy graffiti street scene? How about some dramatic black and white shots with the perfect pout? Or some night time shots to create drama. We can come up with some ideas to reenact and give you a different angle! Check out the wedding photography introductory service I am offering for 2010!

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